Rusterior - 2017

Hi friends it has been a while since I have had time to sit down and write on here but I want to catch up, sit down grab a cup of coffee ;). This year has really FLEW by and I have had so many amazing things happen in my business, family and life! 

A feature on Rusterior for our local Mini Maker Faire

A feature on Rusterior for our local Mini Maker Faire

To start out this year was full of craziness to say the least. As you might know I was crazy and bought a vintage air stream with the intentions of making it into a mobile retail space for my company as well as other makers. This is still happening. Like I said this year was crazy. I have a  goal to have "Carole" my air stream dream open in late spring/ early summer 2017. As soon as she defrosts a bit we will be back at it. 

I feel like this would have been much farther along minus the fact that we adopted our three children this summer! WHAT... yes 3!!!! All at once.... Yes, i have lost my mind, thank you. They truly are the most amazing kids in the whole world and they have totally changed my life for the best. 


On top of all of that craziness we also decided to move this summer! It was the right move for our family although probably not the most ideal time in our already  hectic life. Our poor kiddo had been to 5 schools by 1st grade so we just had to make sure that we got her into a forever school and we needed more space for them to run, get dirty and play!  Forever we were searching for a 1920's farmhouse and out of no where this house pops up. Both of us went into it with a 'Eh' attitude at first,  but after we saw the potential,the land and the price  we just couldn't pass it up.

This thing was in rough shape. Nasty old carpet, everywhere, even in the bathroom and kitchen. Wallpaper and paneling on every wall. There was a garbage old trailer on the land that needed to be removed, a 120 ft pond that was basically sludge, and about a million other things that needed fixing... but we took a chance and after months and months of tirelessly fixing it up, we moved in and it is really turning into a dream home! 


I also got a great new office space and could finally stop printing on a makeshift table in the kitchen. 

new retail area in my office space 

new retail area in my office space 

This year will be a big year  for Rusterior, I'm re-branding and i'm going to work my butt off to make this the biggest year yet! Stay tuned for all the exciting things coming at ya! 

Do things that make you happy and scare you! Dream even bigger, and remember to believe in yourself even on the days you want to give it all up! 



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