Airstream Dream....... Come true!

So I bit the bullet! I have been dreaming of having my own store front for a number of years but I didn't want to be tied down to a location as well as set hours of work. With our growing family flexibility is key for us! A friend of mine from high school owned a store front and started up a "mobile boutique" that she made out of an old truck. I thought to myself what an awesome idea. For years I had the dream of starting a mobile boutique centered around my children's and adult clothing line but at the time I was still in college still working on finding a stable job and had little to no start up cash. While surfing on craigslist a few weeks ago one day my wife found a Vintage 1964 Airstream Ambassador. It was reasonably priced but in rough shape for sure..... So I bought her haha! My pipe dream became a reality VERY quickly. I thank god fr my handy mother in law and my father forcing me to work with my hands as a young kid. Im very excited to fix her up! 

We are just at the beginning of our journey but I am so excited and eager to get her home! This is the first hurdle we have come to..... is getting her home. She needs new tires and rims as well as a new stabilizer bar so she will need to be towed home or brought on a flatbed. I can't wait to get her there and start cleaning her up. Here is a sneak peak of what she looks like now and I will be posting updates as we make her into our mobile boutique. 



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